We welcomed a full audience to join us in our Celebrations in Spring at St Michael’s Church, Somerton on Saturday 28 April. The concert was a delectable Spring salad mix of singing, accompanied either by string ensemble, organ or by our pianist, Sheena Smith and conducted by our Musical Director, Graham Coatman.

Starting with the rousing ‘O God the King of Glory’ and finishing with the equally rousing ‘The King Shall Rejoice’ the performance was interspersed with calmer songs by Purcell, Faure and Saint-Saens and the lively ‘Regina Coeli’ and Monteverdi’s ‘Confitibor Tibi Domine’.

The programme was complemented by solos by the talented, young soprano, Kate Stacey including sumptuous melodies from Debussy and Richard Strauss, a poignant solo from Bach’s Cantata no 21 and in playful contrast theatrical numbers by William Walton and Victor Herbert.

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